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Please check out the general prices of the Alpensia Resort. We hope you can have an inexpensive and enjoyable trip.

  • Ski Jump Tower (Observatory)

    Subject Standard Tour Fare (KRW/per person) Special Tour Fare (KRW/per person)
    Individual Group Individual Group
  • Soccer Field

    Athletic Games (KRW/day) Activities Other Than the Athletic Games (KRW/day)
    Weekdays Weekends Weekdays Weekends
        Inquiry (+82 33-336-7766)
    • The charge is based on the daytime hours (10:00~18:00), 2 hours of use, and entry of 200 people.
    • If using more than 2 hours, entering at nights, and for admission of more than 200 people, please contact separately. (Contact: +82-33-336-7766)
    • Please be fully aware of that athletic games are defined as ‘the athletic games hosted and supervised by the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee and institutes (organizations) or the affiliated sports organizations that correspond with the former, and training and main events of the Gangwon-do-based professional sports teams.’
    • If using the facility in Saturday/holidays, extra 30% of the private usage fee will be charged.
    • The private use of the natural lawn field is within 2 hours, and it can be extended only under unavoidable circumstances. Extra 30% of the original private usage fee will be charged for the extended hours.
    • The user groups are classified as adults 19 years old or over, adolescents between 13~18 years old, children 12 years old or under, and group with 20 people or more.
    • Notes
      ※ If the user deliberately or accidentally damages or destroys the facility, he/she must restore it to the original state or compensate the equivalent amount of money.
      ※ The users are responsible for any types of accidents caused by their negligence in the stadium.