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Guest Information

Welcome to the Holiday Inn Suite guest guidance and prices introduction page.

  • Hours and Regulations

    Check-in time
    Check-out time
  • Guest Information

    Room type No. of rooms No. of persons Max. occupancy Area(㎡)
    Standard(Bedroom) 52 rooms 2 Persons 3 Persons 72.96㎡
    Standard(Ondol) 74 rooms 2 Persons 4 Persons 72.96㎡
    Deluxe Suite(Bedroom+Ondol) 124 rooms 4 Persons 6 Persons 109.69㎡
    Deluxe Suite(Ondol+Ondol) 64 rooms 4 Persons 6 Persons 109.69㎡
    Family Suite(Bedroom+Ondol) 25 rooms 4 Persons 6 Persons 116.36㎡
    Luxury Suite(Bedroom+Ondol) 40 rooms 4 Persons 6 Persons 130.62㎡
    Royal Suite A(2 Bedroom+Ondol) 4 rooms 6 Persons 8 Persons 162.18㎡
    Royal Suite B(Bedroom
    +TwinBed Room+Ondol)

    36 rooms 6 Persons 8 Persons 162.99㎡
  • Additional fee information

    • Additional fee information

      Standard(72.96㎡) : 2 Persons
      Deluxe Suite(109.69㎡), Family Suite(116.36㎡), Luxury Suite(130.62㎡) : 4 Persons
      Royal Suite (162.18㎡) : 6 Persons

      error Free kitchen appliances, bedding, linen, etc are provided free of charge according to the number of guests allowed in the room, and additional fees will be charged for extra amenities requested. (However, if you stay for more than three consecutive nights, one-time cleaning is free of charge.) For additional towels : KRW 500 for one extra towel (However, KRW 1,000 for an extra bath towel) /
      For additional bedding : KRW 15,000 for one extra bedding set (KRW 11,000 if you are part of our membership)

    • Room Cleaning

      Please note that extra fees will be charged for any room cleaning requests during your stay.
        (However, if you stay for more than three consecutive nights, one-time cleaning is free of charge.)

      error Available time - 10:00 to 16:00.

      • Standard(72.96㎡) : 20,000Won
      • Luxury Suite(130.62㎡) : 30,000Won
      • Deluxe Suite(109.69㎡), Family Suite(116.36㎡) : 25,000Won
      • Royal Suite (162.18㎡) : 35,000Won
  • Housekeeping

    Self-inspection when checking out

    • Check-out room inspection is carried out by the guests, and no separate staff will visit your room.
        Please check again whether you have left any belongings in the room.
    • Please check the following items before leaving.
      • KRW 15,000 will be charged as an additional fee if you check-out without washing the dishes.
      • Please leave the classified garbage in front of the shoe rack by the room door and then check-out.
    • Please return the room key you received at check-in to the front desk.
    • If you require a late check-out, please contact the front desk and an extra fee will be charged for your extended stay.
    • Any food and drink left in the room will be discarded immediately after your check-out.
  • Compliances

    Valuables (including cash) storage service

    • Please leave valuables at the front desk.
    • Please note that the hotel is not responsible for lost items that were not stored at the front desk.


    • Please refrain from bringing pets with you since the guests are not allowed to stay in the resort with their pets.
    • If you stay with your pets without notifying the membership resort, you will be charged extra fees (KRW 200,000) for cleaning and disinfection, and please note that you may be forced to leave the resort if you cause noise or similar actions that would cause public harm to other guests.

    Fire alarm

    • Use of a portable gas stove, electric grill, and outdoor barbeque grill inside the room may cause the fire alarm to ring due to the smoke and heat detectors installed in the room. Please refrain from using the personal fire equipment. (While cooking, please turn the ventilator on.)