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Alpensia Ski 700
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Located at an altitude of 700 meters, the heaven for skiers

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We invite you to Alpensia Ski 700 where you can upgrade your skiing & snowboarding skills by taking advantage of
the diversified six slopes that can be enjoyed by beginners through experts, the system that took consideration of the user’s safety, and the reasonable price.

  • Alpensia ski resort img
    01 The pleasant ski resort Ski 700
    ‘Diversified slopes’
    prepared to meet different preferences and levels of beginners / intermediates / experts.
    ‘Rest area for customers’ (Building 203, 1F) operated for the pleasant environment of users.
    Enjoy riding ski & snowboard with the ‘short lift waiting time!’
    The refreshing slopes stretched out right in front of the 'ski house!’
  • 02 The safe ski resort Ski 700
    For safe lift riding, all lifts are equipped with ‘the safety device U-Block’ to prevent children from falling.
    ‘The beginner-exclusive slope Alpha and lift (unit 1)’ for relaxing and enjoyable experience of beginners.
    ‘Free helmet rental for youths’ service offered for the safety of children.
    Provide ‘systematic medical service’ together with a general hospital.
    ‘Separated routes between the slopes and training sites’ for safe lessons.
    Manage the ‘Helper’ service, which is the one point service for beginner’s safety.
    Alpensia ski resort img
  • 03 The reasonable ski resort Ski 700
    Enjoy skiing and snowboarding with affordable price!
    ‘A variety of discount benefits’ for everyone!
    The ‘water and snow parks’ to meet everyone’s preference!
    Winter offers featured with the ‘differentiated services of InterContinental Hotel,’ one of the world-famous hotel groups!
    ‘Daegwallyeong, the tourist attraction having a wonderful natural environment,’ and a ski trip within it.
    Alpensia ski resort img