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The world-class luxurious golf course

Designed by the famous golf course designer Robert Trent Jones, Jr., the picturesque 27-hole membership course stretched out amidst the clear nature of Daegwallyeong excites many golfers with its moderate level courses arranged majestically over the area. You can enjoy the alternating ambiance of the course with the distinct designs of each hole, and the challenging course plan will inspire you to channel your golfing spirit.

  • 1. The course stretched out over the vast 1.88 m2 relaxing and flat terrain
    Unlike most golf courses situated in mountainous areas which are narrow and are relatively of short distances, ALPENSIA Country Club is located in the extensively broad 1.88 m2 flatland with fairways that are endlessly spread out. Also, the dynamically designed long and wide course is even appropriate for PGA Championship matches.
    2. The optimal golf course in harmony with the natural topography
    ALPENSIA Country Clublocated its courses by preserving the natural topography as much as possible. There is the Forest Course resplendent with the background of the cool forest breeze, Lake Course where you can enjoy the exceptionally stunning scenery of the lake, and Meadow Course that is reminiscent of the grasslands of Scotland.
    3. The first fairway golf village in Korea, Alpensia Estate
    The first of its kind in Korea, it is a golf village featuring a 27-hole course and 300 households along the fairway where you can enjoy the view of the beautiful fairway at any time.
    4. The best relaxation space for VVIPs in Korea, Alpensia Estate
    Alpensia Estate is managed by a five-star hotel to offer our guests the premium hotel services they desire. Please experience this special place which has been specially prepared for the essential community building of the most significant VVIPs in Korea.
  • Courses made by the world-famous golf course designer

    Robert Trent Jones, Jr., who has designed and remodeled more than 200 golf courses around the world has produced another world-class masterpiece again by designing Alpensia C.C that is ideally in harmony with the nature of Daegwallyeong and the amazing scenery that surrounds the course.