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Swimming Pool

“Have fun in the expansive area of Daegwallyeong ~”

This four-lane outdoor pool is the ideal place for you to take in the gorgeous landscape of Daegwallyeong from an altitude of 700m.

  • Pool Size

    • Width 28m
    • Length 32m
    • Maximum depth of water1.2m
  • Restricted use

    • Only operates in the summer season.
    • Children under 150cm
      must be accompanied by an adult.
    • diving are prohibited.
    • Wearing a swimming cap is mandatory /
      No glasses, accessories, and diving
    • Special caution is required for pregnant women.

Kid’s Pool

“For parents with young children”

Exclusive for toddlers, this shallow outdoor pool is specially designed for adults and children so they can play together.

  • Pool Size

    • Width 20m
    • Length 14m
    • Maximum depth of water0.4m
  • Restricted use

    • Only available for children
      who are 6 years old or under
      (must be accompanied by an adult)


    • Children who are 4 years old or under must wear a waterproof diaper.