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Rental& Facilities Use

Alpensia Resort Ski House offers reasonable and practical prices.

  • Ski/board rental prices

    Category Ski rental Board rental Rental package
    Rental package
    Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
    Morning pass                
    Afternoon pass                
    Night pass                
    Day Pass                
    Late-night pass                
    All Day pass                
    • Morning pass : 08:30 ~ 13:00
    • Afternoon pass : 12:00 ~ 17:00
    • Night pass : 18:30 ~ 22:00(Saturday : ~ 24:00)
    • Day Pass : 08:30 ~ 17:00
    • Late-night pass : 12:00 ~ 17:00 / 18:30 ~ 22:00(Saturday : ~ 24:00)
    • All Day pass : 08:30 ~ 17:00 / 18:30 ~ 22:00(Saturday : ~ 24:00)
    • Discounts are not applied to the rental package.
  • Equipment rental prices (same price for adult/child, no discounts apply)

    Category Single items Others
    Fixed hours pass
      Choose from ski plates/board decks/ski boots/board boots
    Day Pass/Late-night pass  
    All Day pass
  • Clothing rental prices

    Category Fixed hours pass
    Day Pass/Late-night pass All Day pass
    Clothing set rental
    (tops + bottoms)
    Partial clothing rental
    (tops or bottoms)
  • Season locker storage prices

    Category Standard locker (for 1 person) Premium locker
    (for 2 persons)
    Ski/board One day storage One-week storage Season storage Season storage
  • Ski/board repair center prices

    Category Items Prices Service contents
    Machine sharpened edging
    + Handwork hot waxing
      Machine sharpened edging→ Burrs removal → Handwork waxing→ Scraping → Brushing
    Waxing service Machine works   Base grinding → Burrs removal → Machine waxing → Brushing → Polishing
    Handwork Ski&Board   Base grinding → Burrs removal → Handwork waxing → Scraping → Brushing
    Skis less than
    Waxing for equipment storage   Handwork waxing and packing with high-quality vinyl for off-season storage
    Edging service Machine works   Base grinding → Edging grinding → Detuning → Burrs removal → Machine waxing
    Handwork Ski   Base grinding → ABS resin removal →
    Base edge tuning → Edge tuning → Detuning → Burrs removal →
    Handwork waxing→ Polishing
    Skis less than
    Base grinding   Base grinding → Lint removal → Scratches removal → Edging rust removal →
    Edging grinding → Burrs removal
    Belt base leveling
    (Protrusion removal)
      Partial leveling by repeated base grinding for protrusion removal
    Stone base leveling
    (reset of each structure or base)
      Base leveling → Base structure (make patterns on the base)
    Base repair Filling up the grooves   Base scratches repair work (additional charge may occur depending on the working range)
    Patch works   Sheet attachment to the base scratches (additional charge may occur depending on the working range)
    Adult Epoxy   Detached parts repair (additional charge may occur depending on the working range)
    Edging gap repair   Edging gaps repair (additional charge may occur depending on the working range)
    Pole cutting
    (excluding the length control pole)
      Detachment of the grip and cutting as much as the customer wants
    Binding attachment   Attachment according to the boots size