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Sledding Slope (Snow Sledding)

An invitation to once again revel in the innocence of a childhood full of joy!
Create splendid memories with the snow at the Alpensia Resort Sledding Slope!

Experience cheerful moments in the beautiful forest of Daegwallyeong as if you are sliding through the air!
You can use the Alpensia Resort Sledding Slope on the right side of the beginner’s slope.

  • Length (extension): 80M
    Difference in elevation:22M
    Average slope : 4.3%
  • No more boring waiting times!
    Alpensia Resort Sledding Slope has 200 plastic sleds for our guests’ convenience and is in the process of preparing tube-type sleds.
  • You do not need to walk up the slope anymore. Alpensia Resort Sledding Slope proudly presents the moving walkway to offer you the best joy.