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Visitor’s Guide

Please check out the usage guide, price, and precautions of ALPENSIA Golf Club.

Operating Schedule and User Guide

  • Operating

    • Operating Period : 2022-03-25 ~ 2022-11-30
    • Peak season : 2022-05-09 ~ 2022-11-30
    • Closing Days may change according to the weather conditions.
  • User Guide

    1. 01. Reservation
      • Telephone Inquiry : +82 33-339-3711
      • Inquiry Hours : Morning 9:00 ~ Afternoon 6:00

    2. 02. Admission
      • Please arrive one hour before tee-off time and unload your golf bag at the entrance.

    3. 03. Registration at the front desk
      • Complete the registration card.
      • Receive the locker number.
      • Please leave your valuables at the front desk.
        (The Club is not responsible for lost or stolen property that is not separately stored.)

    4. 04. Changing Clothes and Equipment Purchase
      • Change your clothes in the locker room before moving to the restaurants or start plaza. (15 minutes before tee-off time)
      • Wearing golf shoes is mandatory to protect the green.
      • Please use the clubhouse for golf products and access to an ATM.

    5. 05. Round
      • Efficient play is allowed by using the installed GPS navigation.
      • Please keep your distance from the group playing in front of you in order to not disturb the play.
      • The player is responsible for the ball mark and bunker selection on the green.

    6. 06. Dining
      • Restaurant: Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner
      • Start House: Sells beverages, appetizers and confectioneries.
      • Rest House: Sells beverages and confectioneries only.

    7. 07. After the round
      • The group accompanied by a caddie should confirm the number of golf clubs with their signature.
      • In the case of an individual group, please arrange the golf clubs after the round.
      • In the case of an individual group, the marshal will check the condition of the returned electric cart.

    8. 08. Payment
      • Deferred payment: Green fee, cart fee, rental fee, food and beverages, etc.


  • Fee (Off-season)

    Category Weekdays
    (Monday - Friday)
    (Saturday, Sunday, National holiday)
    (Sunday Session 2)
    Admission Fee      
    Night Admission Fee      
    • ※ Weekends: Saturday, Sunday, National holiday
    • ※ If the national holiday is on a Monday, Sunday Session 2 fee applies on the last day of the holiday.
  • Fee (Peak season)

    Category Weekdays / Weekends
    Admission Fee  
    Night Admission Fee  
    • ※ Peak season : 2022-05-09 ~ 2022-11-30
  • Golf cart and
    caddie fees

    Category Prices
    Golf cart