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User guide

Please feel free to use various facilities of Ocean 700 without restriction.

Open 10:00 Close 17:00

  • 01Ticket office

    Ticket purchase / Locker assignment

    • Ocean 700 applies a deferred payment system where you pay
      the total price after you have finished using the facility.
    • Please use the RFID key on your wrist while in the facility, and make
      payment at the counter by confirming your list of purchases
      before leaving. (※ RFID key = Locker key = Shoe locker key)
    • RFID key can be used in all facilities inside Ocean 700.
  • 02Entrance

    Ticket check (food and drink inspection), enter the facility.

  • 03Shoe locker

    Use the shoe locker assigned on the ticket.

  • 04Dressing room

    Take the clothes off / Keep the clothes inside the locker. Wear a swimsuit.

  • 05Facility use

    Ocean 700 utilization

    • lease be careful not to lose the key.
      (Compensation required in the case of missing the key)
    • The elderly and children must be accompanied by a guardian.
    • If you do not keep your items in the safety deposit box, the resort will
      not be responsible for incidents involving missing items and theft.
  • 06Dressing room

    Shower/ Wear everyday clothes

  • 07Counter

    List of purchase confirmation /Payment

    • All payments should be made with cash or a credit card.
      (No gift cards are accepted)
  • 08Exit

    Use the shoe locker and leave the sauna.