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The grand ballroom proudly presents this 1,560㎡ wide and 8m tall space, which can accommodate up to 2,000 people and be divided into smaller areas to hold different banquets.

Also, it is an ideal place as it has a separate VIP waiting room and is perfectly supported by the latest acoustics for successful large-scale fashion shows, exhibitions, seminars, and international conventions. The diversity within this place exquisitely harmonized with nature, technology, and art will add dignity and charm to your events.


Location : 2nd floor of the Alpensia Resort Convention Center

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  • Meeting
    Area(m2) Width &
    Length (m)
    Height (m) Capacity
    1,587 48.2x30 8 2,000
    Forest 529 16x30 8 600
    Lake 529 16x30 8 600
    Meadow 529 16x30 8 600
    Forest + Lake 1,051 32x30 8 1,200
    Lake + Meadow 1,051 32x30 8 1,200