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Enjoy dining with your loved ones at the five-star hotel in nature.

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Oxy Lounge

“Healing with an exotic view”

Enjoy the exotic view of Alpensia resort seen through the wide and expansive window with a cup of hot coffee.
It is a lounge where you can both experience healing and conduct successful business.

  • Information

    • Seats Approx. 80 seats
    • Location 1st floor of the Intercontinental Hotel


    Contact +82 33-339-1302

    OXY deli offers a variety of daily baked cakes made from the hotel bakery.

    • Enjoy the best flavors of the ‘Black forest’ which added fresh
      plums inside the chocolate chiffon cake, a soft ‘Black tea cake’
      that perfectly matches with and ‘Mango mousse cake,’
      the queen of desserts dark Americano, made with sweet mango
      mousse that is in great harmony with white wine.

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